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The Non-Performing Sellers List

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:08 pm
by MissAnthropik
As a measure to reduce scamming we are starting a "non-performing sellers list". This list contains all sellers who have failed to deliver a product or a refund within one month of receiving payment or agreed postage date (whichever is the later), for sales and trades conducted through this board. If the seller subsequently comes through with the payment or the goods they will be removed from this list. Sellers on this list are not permitted to sell or trade on this board whilst on the list.

In the first instance please try to resolve issues with your seller privately, through PM and email, or replies on the original thread. If you feel this is not working and you have waited for a month and have not received your item(s) or a refund then please contact us through PM including a link to the original thread.

If you feel you are on this list and you do not have any outstanding transactions then please contact us and we will attempt to resolve.

Community members
Please assist mods! If you see any of the sellers on this list attempting to sell or trade anywhere on the board please report the post.

Please be aware this list is only for sellers that completely fail to deliver goods you have paid for (or swapped items for, where you are out of pocket basically). There are many other ways in which sellers could potentially let you down and we suggest that you thoroughly check the feedback links on here to see how sellers have fared in the past, and also if in doubt ask your seller for links to external feedback. Don't forget to be cautious as to whether this is genuine (if in doubt contact the owner of that feedback through the external site it is linked at and ask whether they are trading on the hairboard. If they don't know what you are talking about then i think you can be sure that the feedback provided is not theirs, and this should set alarm bells ringing)

Thank you all for your co-operation. Hopefully this will be a start in making this a safer place to buy and trade :)

Re: The Non-Performing Sellers List

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:09 pm
by MissAnthropik
The non-performing sellers
For more information on underperforming members please check here: