Neon violet/cyclamen for other KK?

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Neon violet/cyclamen for other KK?

Post by AntaresJB » Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:24 am

Hey guys, I'm looking for a few bags (maybe 4 or more? Modu doesn't put much hair in its bags...) of jumbo braid in neon violet (according to the IKS color chart) which if I remember correctly is the Modu color 'Cyclamen', or something close to that shade. (PH himbeere is very close but I doubt anyone would want to trade any of that. :) )

Since I promised myself I would not buy any more hair until I use up what I had sitting around, this means I need to trade. :) I have a big bunch of hair in a variety of colors so if you have some neon violet let me know what colors you'd be willing to trade for and I'll dig through my stash and see if I have it.

Really hoping to keep this in the US to save shipping costs, but will consider overseas as well if I can't find any in the US. Thanks!
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