PRAVANA + Zero Lift Color Activator/ Developer

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PRAVANA + Zero Lift Color Activator/ Developer

Post by kleed » Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:06 am

Hey all,
I've been having a fuss of a time finding Pravana for a decent price after being shipped to Canada, and on top of that, I can hardly find any Zero Lift that wont ring me up an insane amount to have shipped from the states over the border.

I've messaged Pravana to ask them about salons in canada that do their colours, and have also tried to see if I can get a friend with a CosmoProf membership to see if it's carried there online or in store.

I intend to use 902,10.07 as toners on my hair, and I don't feel like playing the mix and match companies game would be a good idea considering how much work I had to put into a) finding them for a reasonable price and b) I don't want to pooch my hair.

If any of you have some , or know of where I can get some ( some us sites have it for 12.00 but would then charge me 20 some odd to ship it) for a decent price that won't murder me with customs. Holla at me!

Must get back to posting.
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