Removing cold bonding extensions glue residue

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Removing cold bonding extensions glue residue

Post by rockerchickelle » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:25 pm

I know that alot of people seem to struggle to remove all the glue residue from cold bonding, and with time and lots of installations this can build up, and combing it out forcefully can cause hair loss and damage hair. This is technique that wasn't made up by me, i've seen variations of it several times before, but this is my particular methord of this technique. It can also be used to clean up wefts that have glue on them.

I don't have any pictures at the moment, but as soon as i do this again i will take some pictures and add them here.

What you need is:
  • Rubbing alchol/surgical spirit
1. Find the problem area's of glue, and work with the biggest ones first.

2. Put a small ammout of the alchol on a cotton wool pad and hold againt the glue. Massage it a little bit.

3. The glue should litterally come loose. If it doesn't, add more alchol. For big problem areas use larger ammouts. leave it for a minute or two

4. Gently try and comb out the glue. If it doesn't come out with easy wait another few seconds. If it still won't come out add more alchol.

5. Work all the way around your hair and wash it as soon as possible. If you are having trouble getting rid of oily residue from remover or something, try using washing-up liquid.

6. Make sure you condition your hair!

I hope this technique helps some people :D

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Re: Removing cold bonding extensions glue residue

Post by PlasticHair » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:48 pm

I glued my hair extensions in, left my liquid gold remover at a friends house who i no longer speak to so luckily my wefts were falling out and nearly enough came out on their own with a little bit of tugging, but there's loads of glue left on the wefts, so if we've got any vodka kicking about i'll give this a go. thanks xD

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Re: Removing cold bonding extensions glue residue

Post by xdnyhair » Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:37 am

Wow I had no idea rubbing alcohol would do the trick! I was worried I was going to have to deal with the gooey oily mess that is bond remover. I'm planning on doing my first cold fusion weft installation soon so this is great, thanks so much for posting!

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