Boob taping! how to?

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Boob taping! how to?

Post by [Phexxie] » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:16 am

righty, so heres my problem!

i have a wedding to go to this weekend, and typically ive had no time to organise anything properly
the top i have bought to wear is, of course, more or less backless in the sense that the entire back portion is lace
its also low cut at the front, and has a lace top panel, so this means no bra!

my boobs are 32C/D depending where i shop, and theyre by no means 'droopy', but i always feel so self conscious if i go bra-less, like theyre uncontrollably wobbling about all over the place

ive tried adhesive bras in the past and i either cant get them on right, they peel off or they come up too high at the front, plus i dont really have time to order one online ¬_¬
i would rather not get one of those clear plastic back bras either, had those in the past and i think they look a bit... silly when you can see a lovely shiny strip across some poor girls back!

so, my solution is.... BOOB TAPING!

i have a fair idea of how to do it, but i was hoping someone here may be able to give me a few hints, especially if they have boob taped before!
ideally, i want a little bit of lift and a little bit of cleavage, or at least as much as is possible
im probably going to be using medical tape because we have loads for some unknown reason
i wont be doing much dancing about i shouldnt think, so they dont need to be absolutely still

i know there is no substitute for a proper bra, but im hoping there may be a good taping option i can use to make myself feel that little bit more 'secure' :)

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