Dreading with permanent extensions?

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Dreading with permanent extensions?

Post by insanityprincess » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:52 am

I'm trying to find info on this, such as getting a weave, then dreading it, or just braiding/dreading...but this is a confusing issue.

My question is, with human hair extensions, is there any way to keep them permanently there if put in while original dreading happens?
Will they fall out?
Is there more upkeep?
Got any pointers?
(I'm getting dreads soon, and I want them long...not short)

Awaiting replies! ^.^
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Re: Dreading with permanent extensions?

Post by dreadheaded » Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:00 pm

Hey sweetles! Not sure if this should be under 'Real Dreadlocks', but I'll reply anyways :)

I'm guessing from your post that you're getting natural dreads and you want to lengthen them n have long dreads from the start and not that you want more volume i.e. installed dreaded tracks?
I think the best way would probably be to dread your natural hair first and add some human hair extenders to the ends. Either way, Doc Locks has some excellent tutorials. I think perhaps this link might help you

http://www.doctoredlocks.com/catalog/Tu ... dreadlock/

I do believe there is also a tut on her site for creating dreads on tracks and then installing them if you are after volume, have a mosey through the tutorials section. I used the above method for adding extenders to my hair, I think it might also be possible to join the two by felting if you had very difficult-to-find-matching-thread-coloured hair, or you could try 'invisible' thread. However, when I did it I had pretty well established dreads so I'm not sure how it would all work with new dreads especially at the tips, perhaps they might be a little soft? I reckon Doc might know a little better. Alternatively, there's some folks on here (coming to mind is possibly Shifuku but I could be totally wrong!?) I'm sure who'll install natural dreads for peeps and alot of folks who do that often offer the service of lengthening them from the outset so they might be able to offer some better advice. Anyways, thought this link might be a helpful place for you to start!

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