Starting Real Dreads with Synth Dreads?

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Starting Real Dreads with Synth Dreads?

Post by slaaneshque » Thu May 02, 2013 5:42 am

I really want to start real dreads, but:

1. My hair (naturally Afro-kinky) is currently chemically relaxed.
2. It's also very short (~3 inches)
3. My job is not friendly toward spiky baby dreads made out of relaxed hair.
4. I prefer to have long hair, which is why I always have synth dreads in.

Now I have heard of/read about people starting dreads with braids. Could I do it with synth dreads? If I installed (or, more likely, had someone install) synth dreads and then I just left them in, would my hair dread? Does anyone have experience with this? How did it work out?

PS - I know synth hair looks different from real hair, but my experience (of 11 years and many installs) has been that people can't tell when I'm wearing synth dreads, and I'm pretty good at hiding my roots or, rather, the join between my hair and the dread. And my hair just isn't long enough for human hair extenders.


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Re: Starting Real Dreads with Synth Dreads?

Post by Celestial-Fox » Thu May 30, 2013 4:52 am

I started my real locks with a relaxer, too. It's possible to start real ones with synthetics, but the new growth will be significantly skinnier than the bottoms with the synthetics installed. Basically, braid your synthetics in and leave your hair. With daily separation, it shouldn't get matted or tangled; retwisting the roots with product is a common form of maintenance on our natural hair texture as well. However, this is a very slow method, and will take a very long time to form real locks.

I suggest making your real locks with a very tight setup, so they don't look too frizzy. Backcombing and crochet hooking (sometimes with a bit of twist-and-rip) in combination with one another is the best way to do this. If the setup is tight enough, you can add permanent extensions after a couple months. Until then, you can keep your locks in braids or other styles to disguise them.


Starting Real Dreads with Synth Dreads

Post by snully » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:29 am

So, Im looking to get muh huurs did. Currently, my hair is very short ugh whats new, but I want to try and go along with Vibratas method of dreading then extending using human hair onto a little nublet.
However, in all my time of fanny-annying about wondering if its right for me, it appears the two people I would have most liked to go to for this service have stopped doing dreads Anyone got any recommendations for me? I do not want to go DIY. I want someone experienced for this.

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