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How much hair would I need for natural dread extenders?

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:43 pm
by Little Wicked
Hi all,
I'm planning on having natural dreads put in my hair either in February or May/June, and because my hair is quite short at the moment (4-5 inches long), and will still be quite short by the time I have it done, I'll be having extenders put in. My ideal finished length would be about mid-back length (originally wanted it this length excluding the wispy bits at the end, but now I think I want to leave a bit of room for growing, so mid-back length including wispy bits), and my hair is extremely thick. Because I will need to dye the extension hair to match my own hair, I'll need to buy 100% human hair, which is expensive. If I'm buying a 22" long weft which is approx. 110g in weight, how many wefts will I need to buy for a whole head (excluding a fringe)?