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New dread extensions causing headache...

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:39 pm
by PinkMinx
Hey all!
I have natural dreads that are about 12cms long. Ive recently added human hair dread extensions to them by crocheting them in! The extenders are down to the top of my tummy. So quite long.
At the moment i only have half of them in (about 16 dreads) as i havent got around to dyeing and dreading the rest of the hair..but i seem to already have a headache from them. Im guessing its the weight.
Will this go away as my scalp gets used to the weight?

I really dont want to lose the extensions as ive spent alot of money on hair and hair dye to get them like this!
Im just thinking, if ive already got a headache now, what will i be like with an extra 20 dreadlocks in!

Anyone have any advice?

Re: New dread extensions causing headache...

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:28 pm
by MissAnthropik
have you ever worn extensions before? semi-permanent ones? Just wondering if your scalp has ever had to get used to weight before. Is the headache on your scalp, or more like a tension headache? It could be the weight, or it could be that the length is causing you to hold your head in a different way which is causing your neck muscles to work differently from usual.

Other than that all i can think of is how much hair have you used? Did you buy wefted hair? how much of a standard length weft have you used?

Re: New dread extensions causing headache...

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:48 pm
by PinkMinx
Yeah ive worn synth single ended dreads before and they were fine, and ive worn falls before.
My scalp seems to hurt at the root of the dreads with extensions...but to be honest its been 2 days ive had them in now and the pain is subsiding.
Ive used one pack of wefted human hair, which is 1metre wide and 22" long. ive lost about 2 inches from dreading so they are approx 18" long. Ive used half of it so far and am about to put in the other half.

Because the headache has been on and off and has subsided today im thinking my head is getting used to the weight, and also the first day i had them in i wore them in a bun, so im guessing that put pressure on my neck causig the initial headache.

I will let you know how it feels once the rest of the dreads are in, which will either be today or 2morro.

Re: New dread extensions causing headache...

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:51 am
by MissAnthropik
well glad to hear that the pain is subsiding. it certainly doesn't sound like you've gone overboard on the amount of hair, so it seems unlikely you will be causing any damage. Hopefully it will all just subside in a few days :)

Re: New dread extensions causing headache...

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:02 pm
by anjaloveshervw
How new are your dreads?
I notice that when I do anything to mine: crochet them tighter, work the roots, etc., that they are sore for a couple of days after that. I think it is because there is new tension on certain strands and so the entire dread is pulling on a smaller amount of hair - more force on a smaller surface area = PAIN!!

But after a couple days it stops.

Do you notice this happens when you put your hair in a new position, say: when you pull them into a tight ponytail at the top of your head?? Try it and see how it feels. If that causes the same sensation, then I would say that it will even itself out over a few days as the weight of your hair redistributed across your roots

Hope this helps!!

Anja :)