Looking for opinions and thoughts on toners (ash blonde)

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Looking for opinions and thoughts on toners (ash blonde)

Post by lavieenrose » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:39 am

This is a novel.
I've gone to a pale yellow, lightest blonde (Level 10). I used Blondor Lightening power by Wella. It lists 'oil enhanced' on the front so I thought I'd give it ago as I always loved Wella products. I'd hoped to get a oil based developer , however they didnt carry any so I opted to get something I've never tried... oooooooooh!
I got a 32 oz bottle of Charlston 20v and a smaller one of the 40v. I've never seen the name before. The clerk tells me 'it's not as damaging' ....
so ... lets do a side step for a minute, rewind.
Level 4/5 natural is my natural colour
with medium porosity
I shaved my head in August of 2008 and have been wanting a shoulder length style (eventually). I succumbed to my gray hair after a few months and used an evil hair box colour...
Two weeks ago, I decided to visit a hair stylist, and she used a treatment to lift the color from my hair. I had decided prior to the visit that I wanted to go blond ... slowly. I had suggested a dark ash blonde however she thought a Dark Beige color would be good. The dark beige didn't turn out so bad, however the colour blocks/lines we very obvious and right near the roots...now would you believe I do not remember what kind of color she applied (permanent or semi). oy.
anyway, i did some shopping the other day, in preparation for my hair test today.
I took two separate snips of my hair one with the 20v and 40v on the other, but just prior to that I applied a little bit of Phyto to both snips of hair. I marked down the time and kept a vigilant watch. I also took pics.
I couldn't believe my eyes! the 20v was working wonders! in just 30 minutes my little snip was still strong and very palest yellow (with a little help from the hair drier under plastic) the 40v didnt seem to give me the same results... perhaps that snip of hair was more resistant? I decided to take it to the next level...TONER BABY!! and i used a little bit of the white lady t18 on both. AMAZING! I was so please with the results for both strands that I decided to give it a go. So....

In my possession are three Color Charm (Wella)toners:
1.White lady t18
2.Princess blonde t28
3.Regal beige t27

I thought it would be fun to try something different this time.
But before I do the toning (giving my hair a break with some Kolestra), I would like to ask anyone with colouring experience for some advice.

Why do I love the feeling of a fresh bleach on my melon so much? LOL but seriously,,,
In the past, I've used T18 White Lady and know that its purple qualities against yellow..

the color swatches are here:
http://www.wellausa.com/reference/ac_us ... 6_0_sl.pdf

I love all these shades, but I notice that the t27 has a violet gold base

Are these toners mixable ?
t18 white lady violet base
the t28 has a violet blue base
and t27 has a violet gold

Something tells me to NO!
Im pretty certain that I should be able to mix the t28 with the t18 together, (and if so, how would the ratio work?)
...however I'm worried about the violet gold base for t27 ...

Eventually I want to try out various shades as an ash blond as my hair grows,

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!


Ps: I love this site: http://killerstrands.blogspot.com/

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Re: Looking for opinions and thoughts on toners (ash blonde)

Post by lavieenrose » Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:18 pm


I decided to do yet more tests with the toners on some human hair weft I had when I was making extenders for my locks. I wore white/blond dreads and made extenders while using some human hair light blonde weft.

I used a oral medicine dispencer (to ensure correct measurement) followed the directions of the 1:2 ratio with 20v for 30 minutes (all three colours had the same directions)

so my swatch now has from top to bottom:

1 -white lady (t18)
2- combo of white lady (t18) and princess blonde (t28)
3-combo of white lady (t18) and regal beige (t27)
4-all three together t18, t27 and t28
5-combo of regal beige (t27) and princess blonde(t28)
6-regal beige only t27
7-princess blonde only t28

I wrote down all the times and kept watch to ensure the directions are being followed properly.
all tho this is not my own hair therefore this would not be exact for me, it still was fun to do and gave me a good idea how the tones interact with eachother.
thus, taking the fear out of my hair going green or some freaky orange or something. the tones all turns out interresting! now i'm having a hard time chosing!
I've been deep conditioning to restore my perosity and have been using a non sulfate shampoo. I recently purchased a water filter for my shower, which I have already felt a difference in my skin (imagine the hair...)


so there ya gooooooooooooo!

thanks :))))

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Re: Looking for opinions and thoughts on toners (ash blonde)

Post by IvoryLondon » Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:16 am


I have honestly been wondering the same on whether or not mixing toners with different bases is even a possibility. I am completely new to this forum so maybe I have overlooked it. I would love to see how the combination swatches turned out!

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