OFFERED: Dread making/installing in Quebec

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OFFERED : Doctored Locks (WA, USA)

We are located in Spokane, WA.
We perform hair services in our salon from 9am to 9pm.
We offer maintenance, starters, dreadperms and color services.
Time will vary depending on request.
Costs will vary depending on request.
Please contact Melinda/Doc at to schedule an appointment.
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OFFERED: Dread making/installing in Quebec

Post by Rockngene » Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:10 pm

I've been making dreads for two years now, and have made and installed several sets on myself and others.
I'm taking custom orders and have available pictures of my work on the several sites I'm on (see below).

I'm located in St-Hyacinthe, about 40 mins from Montreal.

I'm willing to travel about an hour around, you pay for the movements ;)
I'm willing to receive people at home too.

For the install, I'm charging:
- Free, if you buy the dreads from me and come at my place
- Only the traveling fees, if you buy my dreads
- Traveling fees* + 15$ if dreads are mine, but not the first install
- Traveling fees* + 10$/hour for everything else
*No fees if you're the one traveling, of course ;)

You can PM me on here
Contact me on VF
Contact me on Myspace
Contact me on ToxicStore (url not available for now)

***I speak French!***
once upon a time, rockngene.

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