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How to critique!

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:02 am
by LittlePinkFaery
Suggestions for Giving Good Critique

1. Be specific and constructive. Instead of saying "There's something wrong with the sealing," it is more helpful for you to say "The ends seem loose." Giving specific details makes it easier for someone to improve from your critique. If possible, combine your specific comment with how something can be fixed.

2. Be tactful. If you feel a piece can be improved, please be aware of your wording. Gently worded (not sugar coated) critique is easier to accept and process.

3. Be sincere. There is no need to tell someone that they're good if you don't feel they are. If you feel a piece is not well made, simply don't comment rather than leave a false compliment or an unhelpful criticism.

4. Comment on the good as well as the bad.

Suggestions For Accepting Critique Gracefully

1. Be prepared for suggestions. Though all comments you receive should be polite and constructive, not all of them will be positive. If you're easily hurt by suggestions and will become defensive, please don't post work for critique.

2. Be specific when you ask for critique. If there are particular things you would like feedback on, mention them. If there are things you don't want commented on, mention that as well.

3. Don't argue with every suggestion, you did, after all, asked for critique!