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lace glue and many sticky issues:Ghost Bond major problems

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:36 pm
by fairytale
Hi everyone :)

I have recently started using lace units a lot and i love their realism BUT i am having such a hard time finding a glue which works for me :(

I have tried Ghost Bond- this stays tacky no matter how much time passes, and refuses to stick the lace to the glue, tried several different layers etc, and wiped the unit lace with IPA and the bonding area, and still 24 hours later i can peel back the lace from the glue on my head without any issues, so this is a big fail!

I have also tried liquid gold and other similar glues, the really sticky tacky ones, horrid consistency and they just don't work on me.

I haven't tried tape, is this something i should try? any suggestions on glues or tapes or anyone been in my situation and solved the problem?

thanks :i9: