Video: DIY clip extensions from bulk hair

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Video: DIY clip extensions from bulk hair

Post by Diavolos » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:59 pm

Hello, these are two videos I made by using shapeshifter monofiber in pure white to make small clip in extensions.

Since the hair is not wefted I couldn't just cut the width I wanted and then simply stitch it to the clip. So I decided to put a tulle, ventilate hair in a square as big as the clip and then stitch the tulle with the ventilated hair on the clip.

This way the clip extension is not too bulky in the weft spot and thus it is not too obvious, this is because the hair of the clip is spread all over the clip with small knots (like a lace closure or a lace wig is done).

Part 1: Materials used and ventilation

Part 2: How to attach it to the clip

Enjoy and ask me anything you want.

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